The "BEST" Anti-Porn - Scams- Ransomwares tool on the web

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What is Stop-it?
Stop-it BLOCKS Porn, Scams, Ransomware, Hacks, XCams, Tradding, Betting systems, Casinos, MLM & Ponzi schemes, Drugs & Viagra, Mediums & Astral scams, Escorts & Prostitution networks and makes your browsing experience safer.
With several thousand people using the plug in so far, it’s become the most promising tool for homes, public places, schools & companies for protection against unethical sites and criminal attack.  
Stop-it is a project created by Leonardo Sedevcic started in 1998 and now updated in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
How does Stop-it work? 
Stop-it has no user functionality, users can enjoy a browsing experience without encountering any dangerous website.

This ensures users cannot have access to the most dangerous websites and provides protection and peace of mind for a safer browsing experience.
The add-on will not access or keep any personal data. 
Browse safe.
Help the web content stay safe with Stop-it